We invite you to a meeting with digital transformation and the data economy with those who create the framework for it. Everyone asks me, what will it bring me? What is it? Why should I be there? The answer will be given by those without whom digital transformation will remain only on paper, in strategies, in action plans, but unused…

As the CEO of Gaia – X AISBL says about the creation of the Gaia – X framework, Mr. Francesco Bonfiglio:

“We have the opportunity to drive something that is not out there,…. is needed, …and we are the first doing it!”

We look forward to seeing you on September 8, 2023 at 9:30 a.m. at the European House on Palisades in Bratislava as the second stop after Slovenia for the Gaia – X Road Show. Come listen to him and then implement the digital transformation together with COO Roland Fadrany and CTO Piere Gronlier from Gaia – X AISBL, together with Mr. Emil Fitoš from ITAS, SCDI. Gaia – X Hub Slovakia will accompany you through the discussion.

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