Industry Innovation Cluster will become in 2025 professional cluster organization in
Slovakia with achievement in Slovak Industry better competitiveness.

  1.  IIC as a trustworthy partner in successful digital transformation of Slovak
    industry – the IIC will become a trustworthy partner of Slovak Government in
    the area of RDI policy. Founded on sound ethical values and cutting-edge
    technologies, IIC will assist in successful transformation of Slovak industry in
    the domain of the automation and digitisation of manufacturing, products
    and data-driven services.
  2. The IIC will become a leading cluster to bring competitiveness of Slovak
    Industry in the market – the IIC will consistently address the
    competitiveness of Slovak industry and especially its members, based on its
    value chains, and its industrial innovation ecosystems; competitiveness in the
    way we innovate, in the way we turn environmental challenges into
    opportunities, and in the way, we shape Slovak industrial infrastructure. Slovak
    technology-led transformation from volume to value driven economy,
    generating value for the people, the environment and business, will be seen as
    an attractive economic model. Countries coping with growing societal
    tensions and affected by climate change, both in the Slovak neighbourhood and
    beyond, will increasingly look up to this type of approach.


Increasing Access to Blended Funding for Successful Digital Transformation of Slovak Industry

Building partnerships is what it takes to effectively utilize opportunities in the RDI budgets of corporates and EU funds, so everyone in the IIC will bring his or her own strengths and learns from others. Not every company has all the capabilities available to successfully manage innovation projects – but a cluster can always create a complete mosaic of skills and capacities.


Fostering Innovation Environment to Improve Slovak Industrial Innovation Capacity and Competitiveness

Multidisciplinary, cross-industry knowledge is what creates new ideas. So, companies in more sectors need to get together, share ideas and collaborate on new business models crossing borders between traditional markets. Smart Industry and Smart Cities are closely related topics not to be excluded from the scope of the IIC activities. It is important to build trustworthy partnerships to effectively utilize opportunities in the RDI. Only trusted partners deliver sustainable innovation. These days real innovation comes from sharing and collaborating – and only a cluster can build up the trust required for such complex challenges as copyrights, patents, data sharing and ownership