The report on the Bratislava event can be found on website here, the presentations of speakers are available at this link, the series of video presentations of individual Czech and Slovak EDIHs is available here – if you are interested, do not hesitate to request access to the presentations and videos. The atmosphere of the event will also remind you of the summarizing video, which you can watch from YouTube channel here. We will also be very happy for your feedback on the content of the event by filling out a short questionnaire, which you can find at this link.

We consider the following points to be the most important outputs of the Bratislava Czech-Slovak – in order of the second of the four that we have planned for this year – events from the EDIH Twister cycle:

  • We believe that the event proved that cross-border communication in the field of providing digital transformation services is a universally welcome element that helps enrich information exchange, gain new contacts, verify own hypotheses in the form of feedback from domestic and foreign practice, and especially for projects sized “cross -border by design” (such as EDIHs) fulfilling the very purpose of establishing a pan-European project network:
    • In the EDIH Twister series, which we started in May of this year with the Czech-Bavarian event, and last week with your participation, we further developed it with the Czech-Slovak event, we will continue this year and on September 21st we are preparing the Czech-Saxon EDIH Twister Vol. III in Ústí nad Labem, then the Czech-Polish event in Ostrava on November 8. We cordially invite you to further acquaintance and deepening of cooperation!
  • Before starting the provision of Czech EDIH services, for which we have been preparing since the second half of this year, we want to get to know our Slovak EDIH counterparts and the needs of our clients well.
    • As a follow-up to the Bratislava event, we would very much like to continue the communication between the six Czech and five Slovak EDIHs that were introduced to you in its program, and we would also like to receive information in the form of your feedback about which of their services you consider to be the most interesting and most needed right now for your company or organization. So, if you have the desire and interest, please give us approx. 3 minutes of your time and answer a short evaluation questionnaire here.
  • The client is not so much interested in which entity will provide the service, but whether the service meets his needs
    • That is why, together with colleagues from other EDIHs, digital innovation hubs and other networks such as the Enterprise Europe Network or cluster initiatives, we will try to compose complex service packages and look for connections in our services so that they primarily fulfill the needs of the client and blur the boundaries between our projects. We are currently jointly creating a signpost of Czech EDIH services intended for the digital transformation of small and medium-sized companies and public organizations, which will help clients better navigate between the services that they, the Czech EDIH, can request from us – regardless of the provider. We would like to inform you about its publication afterwards.

If you are interested in further cooperation on these and other topics, follow website, where you can also register to receive news, and where we continuously announce our current activities in the field of supporting the digital transformation of small and medium-sized companies and public organizations. On the page of the EDIH Twister series, we will also continuously publish invitations to upcoming joint events of the Czech EDIHs.

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