The European Cluster Collaboration Platform, on behalf of the European Commission and in partnership with the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency, the Union of Slovak Clusters, the Ukrainian Cluster Alliance and the Enterprise Europe Network, organised the “Clusters meet Regions” workshop on EU-Ukraine Business Partnership.  

The event aimed to integrate Ukrainian clusters and companies into the EU value chains and took place in Kosice, Slovakia, on 29-30 March 2023. The workshop brought together more than 200 representatives from EU and Ukrainian clusters and companies, as well as national and regional public authorities, business support organizations, researchers, and other related actors.  

The event included speeches from high-level officials from the European Commission, Slovakia, and Ukraine, panel discussions, pitching sessions, business-to-business matchmaking, and site visits. The workshop aimed to build EU-Ukraine business relations and to find partners to trade and invest with, improve the diversification of markets and suppliers for EU and Ukrainian companies, and establish resilient cross-border networks to promote collaboration and understanding between stakeholders. 

It was a pleasure meeting you and talking with you in Košice during the Clusters meet Regions. Your insights and contributions were invaluable, thank you for this.

Event organisator published the videos and we will be very happy if you can help us to share them via social media and with your networks.

Here below please find videos and links to social media posts that you can share directly:

Clusters meet Regions in Košice – Highlights from Slovakia

To support Ukraine, work with Ukraine:

Clusters meet Regions in Košice: The direction of the European Cluster Ecosystem

Clusters meet Regions in Košice: Interview with Jakub Boratynski, DG GROW

We hope you find them interesting.

Please read also the event summary:

And check photos:

See you at the next event in Sweden?🙂

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