Dr.h.c. prof. Ing. Ľubomír Šooš, PhD.

Excellent results and contributions in research, development and design of new progressive ones solutions of structural units, machines, equipment and technological lines in production technology and in waste recovery.


Ľubomír Šooš, PhD. is a recognized capacity in the field of valuation of various types of waste and environmental technologies, as evidenced by a number of scientific and professional publications and citations, membership of organizational and program committees, and
membership of professional advisory bodies and organizations. The responsible solver created expert team combined from technologists, designers and designers in the field of analysis technologies: research, development and design of original structural units of machines and equipment; in the field of technological line design.

The team under his leadership is able to deal with various research tasks in the field of production technology as well as waste recovery technologies. The proof is a number of solved international and national projects, projects contract research with practice, as well as granted patents and utility models. Professor Shoosh participated in 15 international research projects. He was the responsible solver 5.

European Union Framework Program entitled ERA – Bioenergy Strategy and as a participated in the 6th Framework Program – Slanbraw and the 7th Framework Program programs – Manunet. As a responsible solver and solver, he also participated in international
Leonardo da Vinci projects, Competitive and sustainable growth, IDEAS, TIMEA, WASTRE. Prof. Ľubomír Šooš emphasizes that it should be with new originals design solutions secured protection of intellectual property. He is the author of or co-author of 45 patents and utility model holders. Of these, 11 patents are already available implemented in practice. It has 3 European patents in the approval process. About purchasing licenses at foreign producers have shown interest in using the other two patents. Acquired patents and utility models are from the areas of Engineering, Energy, Waste Processing or Motor. Professor Šooš publishes in all types and groups of publications. He is the author of 6 scientific papers monographs, 11 other book publications, 67 outputs of category “B” in the quarantined magazines, patents and UV and 402 other peer – reviewed publications in foreign and domestic magazines and conferences. He has a total of 218 citations for his work.

Professional Skills

Science 95%
Managment 80%
Research and Development 92%
Innovation 96%