Gaia-X Hub Slovakia

Awareness raising and international cooperation, at Gaia-X AISBL level, cooperation in technology, research, development, innovation and knowledge transfer

Gaia-X is a huge European project of international character whose successful implementation will help the people of the whole of Europe. A data platform will be created that will be independent of current data giants from the United States and China, which will connect all industries on the basis of “datasharging” and their use will be “cross-sectoral”. The industrial innovation cluster as the founder of Gaia-X Hub Slovakia is at the birth of this project, which will shape the future of the European continent and its significant impact will be noticeable in a few years. The partners of the Industrial Innovation Cluster in Gaia-X are huge companies of worldwide importance. In addition to them, various ministries, research organizations and other important entities have decided to participate in Gaia-X. We therefore consider it important to be part of such a large project, which will become increasingly important.

Project Info

  • Category: Data, IT
  • Partner: Gaia-X
  • Location: Slovakia
  • Started Date: 2021-present
  • Complite Date: present
  • Leader:Gaia-X


after the completion of the project, this link will be a report on the work done

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