• September 28, 2021
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The Export Forum is a profile event of economic diplomacy, the main goal of which is to conduct an active dialogue and present the offer of the public sector to exporters. Goal is to create a regular annual professional platform for personal, direct communication between exporters and economic diplomats.

What benefits was in participation in the event?

  • Negotiations with economic diplomats directly from 65 territories of possible interest of the business entity for products, services, projects with the ambition of establishing themselves on the foreign market
  • Discussion on various topics related to export directly with representatives of the state administration
  • Obtaining information about pro-export services of various state and non-state institutions
  • Establishing new contacts
  • Sharing experiences with other exporters
  • The Export Forum 2021 will be implemented in accordance with the valid epidemiological measures of the Slovak Public Health Office at the time of the event.