The DIT-EU project aims at training and disseminating the “Do It Together”(DIT) approach concepts allowing for greener and sustainable design to production of consumer goods. The DIT process eases the creation of custom design and production data at global scale while it accelerates the digital chain up to local manufacturing close to the consumer. 

Our objective is to empower consumers and companies to invest in these new practices fostering the creativity of consumers in a green and circular economy logic. The nuggets and LP will cover the definition of the process, the available technologies, the innovative business models to support it, and the environmental impacts assessment methodology to contribute to the reduction of the environmental footprint while responding to consumers needs. 

It will be based on the H2020 INEDIT project outcomes which demonstrates this approach through four demonstrators of custom furniture design at global through a digital and collaborative web platform.

Project Info

  • Category: Innovation, Edu
  • Partner: EIT Manufacturing
  • Location: Slovakia, Switzerland,                                               France, Germany, Ukraine
  • Started Date: 2023-present
  • Complite Date: present


after the completion of the project, this link will be a report on the work done